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Welcome to DESYX Capital
DESYX Capital is a diversified asset management firm, whose head office is located in the City of Montreal, Quebec. DESYX Capital is known for its valued business perception and integrity. Its mission is to work in collaboration with senior executive management teams from private and public corporations, as well as government, towards the development, initiation and ensuing execution of successful investment and development strategies for the benefit of real estate asset owners.

To achieve this mission, DESYX Capital applies its proven “Task Force” approach to every mandate. This approach consists of establishing a team composed of senior client representatives and DESYX Capital personnel, and using its expertise and inventive ideas in conjunction with the knowledge and support of the senior client representatives, to create problem solving/value creation strategies for complex real estate investment projects.

The objective of the Task Force is to discuss, debate and think “outside of the box” in order to find innovative and effective solutions, while still adhering to established budgets, pro-formas and commitments on the part of the owners, which creates lucrative “no surprise” management results. DESYX Capital works closely with the established Task Force to ensure that the recommendations brought forth are relevant and executable; and subject to senior management approval, are subsequently implemented in a timely fashion.

DESYX Capital benefits from its extensive network of professionals from the private, professional and government sectors, which enables it to join forces with individuals with the highest level of expertise in their particular field, whenever the Task Force deems it necessary.

DESYX Capital believes that this Task Force approach creates a positive synergy between the parties and allows it to achieve its required objectives, thereby ensuring the successful fruition of the project at hand.
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